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RS Gold SMS Transaction Mini FAQ

Posted by gamen26 on March 21, 2013 at 8:15 PM

RS Gold SMS Transaction Mini FAQ - Pay By Buzz "Maybe you accept noticed that Onebip transaction adjustment has been accessible at RSorder. Accepting been asked if Onebip will be effective, RSorder knows that Onebip transaction adjustment was actual accustomed and the majority of you were searching advanced to buy rsgp by Onebip. Since pay by buzz is available, a lot of of you accept some questions. Today RSorder Buy RS gold wants to accord a mini FAQ.


1. What is Onebip? Onebip is a adjustment of transaction that does not crave you a acclaim agenda or a coffer account. All you allegation is your adaptable phone.


2. Why does Onebip Allegation Diablo 3 Gold me added money? This is because the Onebip adaptable operators allegation college fee. So if you ambition to buy RS gold by phone, you accept to buck the fee.


3. Why I cannot use Onebip if I ambition to buy RS gold that worths over $100? Pay by buzz annual is acceptable for micro-payments WoW Gold. And in adjustment to accumulate our barter and our website secure, we allegation to absolute the transaction bulk to be beneath than $100. If you ambition to buy RS gold that annual over $100, you had bigger accept accession transaction adjustment such as PayPal.

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